Which is Better: Uber or Lyft?

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Car Conversations

Ever since the 21st century, we have been trading convenience for money.

Ride-sharing and taxi apps such as Uber and Lyft make our day to day life easy by making sure we’re not without a ride for anywhere we want to go!

So what’s the big difference between these two services, and if you’re in need for a ride which should you go for?

Key Differences

1. The Cost

Uber calculates the ride cost in regards to base fare plus a time and distance rate.

Fares depend on the vehicle type and surging periods where the demand is high, and the amount of vehicles is limited can outcome in an expensive ride even in their cheapest option; the UberX.

Compared, Lyft calculates its rates in regard to the city, vehicle type, total miles travelled, total minutes travelled, the base charge for each ride, the service fee. And for trips during the busiest times, a prime time charge.

So choosing Uber is easier since there are only a few factors valuing into your ride cost.

2. Coverage and Size

Uber is a larger company compared to Lyft. Uber also has more pricing options and a more massive fleet. On the other hand, Uber has received a lot of negative press compared to Lyft.

Lyft is available in 60+ cities. However Uber is available in 200+ cities, in over 45 countries.

And finally Uber has funding of just over 2 billion and Lyft has funding that’s much lower around 1 Billion (dollars).

3. Technology

Both released their apps in a single time frame between 2012-2013. Uber provides a real-time cost update, helpful if traffic tips, wait-time whereas Lyft is slightly more secretive about the peak hour pricing.


1. Both are less expensive than a traditional taxi!


2. Both offer great offers and benefits for both drivers and riders.


3. Both offer options from 6 passengers and down or even ride sharing.


4. The standard driver requirements are the same for both Uber and Lyft. They employ vehicles either 2005 or newer. Some states allow 2000 or 2003 standards. Safe!


5. Both carry an Insurance coverage, up to $1 million liability.


6. Self-driving cars!

  • Uber has been experimenting with driverless cars that would cut down its labour costs.
  • Waymo joined hands with Lyft. The partnership would allow Lyft to use driverless cars in its fleet and remain competitive with Uber.
  • Both companies will employ a large fleet of driverless cars by 2020!

So Which Should I Hail?

Let us dive into the points above and explain it well!

There isn’t a so-called price difference between the two services. Competition has caused prices down to be mostly the same in many areas of the services.

Best thing is to install both apps and compare the prices of both to the same location. Sometimes it makes a difference but sometimes not at all (especially surge hours)

Considering user friendliness, both apps tend to be user-friendly; however, the Uber app allows customers to have a better idea of the ride. As our previous point, it’s always great to compare pricing!

Since Uber caters towards business people, the drivers are often professional do the no-nonsense way, get you from point A to point B.

Lyft drivers, on the other hand, tend to be friendly and more enjoyable than Uber drivers.

Customer support is a valuable tool when catering to everyone. But worth taking note that the quality of support in both the companies has declined in recent times. After some digging around for information we found out Lyft is much friendlier compared to Uber.

If you need a friendlier service, Lyft is the way to go!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, where do you live and where do you want to go, will affect the quality of the ride in both cases.

What sort of ride do you need? A large, small or sharing? Answering these questions will help you to choose the best service, sometimes Uber will triumph, sometimes Lyft will triumph and sometimes it will be a draw.

But keep in mind, let’s say for a fun day out in NEW YORK we always recommend the Lyft service, friendlier drivers will outcome in a better and enjoyable day!

Over To You

Which one do you prefer, Uber or Lyft? Let me know in the comments below.

I’d also love to see other points that I might have forgot to mention.