Who Has the Best Autopilot: Tesla, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz or Audi?

Who Has the Best Autopilot: Tesla, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz or Audi?

Autonomous vehicles have been a trendy topic among petrol heads since the day the first autonomous car concept was released.

Not just that, with many more concepts about to hit the road in these couple of years, there is also a small debate going on about which company will accomplish this “self-driving mission”.

Besides few giants like BMW and Cadillac, for now, Tesla, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are the titans in the industry, and today we are about to find out who has the best autopilot in the world.

Tesla Autopilot

First of all, let’s move to a much familiar name among all of us which is Tesla.

Though you knew that a vehicle called Tesla Model X existed, did you ever get a chance to know what its autopilot system could do?

Despite the X’s 75 kWh battery, 130 mph top speed, 237 miles range and its ability to move from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, you won’t even believe what its autopilot system could do.

Its new enhanced autopilot will unlock you new levels of capabilities to offer you the best driving experience. The 12 ultrasonic sensors provide 360 coverage for your car, and your Tesla will keep the vehicle within a lane, balance speed to traffic conditions, change lanes automatically without driver’s input, exit a freeway when the destination is near and also shift from one freeway to another.

Not just that, the most exciting feature is that you can summon the beast from or to the garage with just a tap on your smartphone.

So with all these cool features how could we not call it the best autopilot?

Volvo Pilot Assist II

Moving the topic to Volvo, we have the Volvo Pilot Assist II which we all know is not that new.

The Volvo pilot assist is pretty much like the Tesla autopilot and the Mercedes-Benz drive pilot (wait for it…). Because all these autopilot systems require occasional involvements from the driver to ensure that the driver is not having a good night sleep in the back seat.

But unlike the Mercedes-Benz drive pilot where the sensors in the steering wheel detect the pressure of hands on it, the Volvo Pilot Assist II only looks for occasional inputs from the driver making it more of a hands-free driving.

The system is smart enough to control its speed in the traffic and drive in the right lane while also maintaining a safe distance with other vehicles.

This Volvo’s super awesome Pilot Assist II system is featured in their S90 Sedan, XC60 crossover and also in the V90 station wagon and the good news is that Volvo’s next best autopilot, the Pilot Assist III, will be available soon in this year (2018) with extra cheesy toppings!

Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot

The super awesome Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot is featured in their new E-class cars.

This autopilot system is capable of performing many functions including lane changes. And not to forget that the autopilot system works very well at any speed if the road and weather conditions are right.

But sadly, just like many other autopilot systems, the Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot requires the driver to hold the steering wheel all the time.

Well maybe ‘all the time’ isn’t a perfect word that fits there. It’s more like you can’t drive without holding it for more than 45 SECONDS.

Nevertheless, it seems that the Tesla’s autopilot, Volvo Pilot Assistant II and also the Cadillac supercruise has done some great work in the hands-free driving category where Mercedes isn’t that much of a success.

However, this Drive pilot system carries a lot more other cool features enabling us to call it still one of the best autopilots in 2018.

Audi Traffic Jam Pilot

To be honest, the Audi Traffic Jam Pilot is not that much of a killer on high speeds because it doesn’t feature a fully autonomous system and it already says it in the name.

Unlike many other autopilots we mentioned before including Tesla, Volvo and Mercedes-bens, Audi’s autopilot is not that capable of performing in long distance journeys.

But it does a hell of a job in the traffic where the speed is less than 60mph in which the system does all the steering, braking and accelerating automatically without driver’s input.

Also, there is no precise word yet about whether the driver has to stay in contact with the steering every time or occasionally like many other systems such as Mercedes.

This Audi Traffic Jam Pilot system is expected to hit the market by the end of this year through the Audi A8 sedan.

Final Thoughts

Out of all these autopilot systems mentioned above, there is a pretty clear vision on what the best autopilot system is. But that depends on what kind of driver you are.

If you’re a person with long distant trips, then you should try a Tesla or a Volvo and if you’re more of a stuck-in-the-traffic guy, then the Mercedes or the Audi autopilot suits you the best.

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Are Autonomous Cars Reliable?

Are Autonomous Cars Reliable?

Let’s look into the future. Well, what we see is by 2030 60% of the cars on the road will be autonomous cars or at least be equipped with enough equipment to be able to navigate the world’s roads on their own!

Should we trust this upcoming and fastly developing technology or should we take a step of precaution before asking our cars to pick our kids up from school?

Are Autonomous Cars Reliable?

Are they reliable? Well if you pace the question that way, yes they are reliable. They are way more reliable than they were a few years ago.

Today’s autonomous cars are equipped with enough sensors to monitor every move the objects around the car perform.

Yes, you will be able to take your eyes off the road while you trust your car to monitor lane changing and overtaking.

They are even well trained to act in cases of emergency! Basic maneuvers and emergency maneuvers are just logical steps to an operation. And that one thing that handles logical thinking well? Computers!

Are Autonomous Cars Safe?

Well, the answer is they will never be totally safe! What they will be is “safer” as time progresses.

Humans are dangerous whatever technology we provide ourselves with.

Back in 2016, a Tesla was involved with the death of a 40-year-old man when his tesla dive off the highway. A Lot of backlashes was expected against the technology, but what followed is an investigation done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), showed that it wasn’t the cars’ fault at all!

Putting Safety in Reliability

It is a humongous challenge for the designers, engineers and programmers to design and engineer a system that is small enough with all the sensors but accurate enough to put the trust in.

The idea is to feed the car an accurate representation of the world much like how our brain sees using our eyes, judge the gaps, factor in distance and speed and differentiate between an object and living beings.

The most promising development in this field is the use of artificial intelligence to train the cars and age them. Ageing a system is like ageing wine to be just the finest wine!

Ageing involves running thousands of scenarios and simulations of the real world issues on the system of the car and training it to make the snappiest decisions at the quickest pace.

Ageing also involves teaching the A.I to choose the right thing in every possible case. Once the AIs are trained for the safekeeping of the passengers and pedestrians to the maximum, we sure can trust our safety on autonomous cars!

The second most promising field of development in autonomous cars is providing cars with the ability to communicate with each other.

It’s basically how ants navigate talking to each other, finding the safest and shortest pathway to a location. Cars will be able to talk to each other and be warned of the road conditions ahead, who should make the turn first without crashing and maybe even weather updates letting the car remind you to put on those snow tires or change the wiper fluid!

When Can We Start Trusting the Technology?

The answer is a few years ago.

Mercedes and Volvo both developed an autonomous technology that allowed them to automatically break when approaching obstacles and change lanes on the highway.

The technology is at its peak and runs without a glitch in today’s commercial vehicles.

So we can say with a guarantee, you can have some trust in autonomous car technology because it’s a technology that’s going to be there in the future that will get better every single day!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, autonomous cars are a long way from being safe to everyone on the road, but they are reliable to the user in everyday use even today!

They will continue to be safer day by day, meaning you and me will be able to trust an autonomous car in a situation where it will have to save ourselves in the car or steer safe from an unexpected road crossing individual!

Whatever the logical and ethical outtake is, autonomous cars are here to stay, and they will be a big part of our lives just like our smartphones.

Flying Cars That Are Available Today

Flying Cars That Are Available Today

Ages back in the early 18th and 19th century everyone thought that there would be a cure for cancer, civilisations on the moon and flying supercars everywhere on the sky by the year 2020.

But with only a few months away from 2020 the humans of the 21st century are here watching videos of cats and snowboarding squirrels on the internet without even a clue of what a flying car looks like.

But it seems like flying cars or so-called Aeromobiles are on their way moving from fiction to reality. So let’s take a peek into the future about the vehicles that can fly which are expected to hit the market by 2020.

1. PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Model Flying Car

Though there are rumors about flying taxies that will be arriving in the market by 2020, only a few companies have been capable of doing it, and the rest of the birdies are still being tested.

PAL-V has taken a huge leap further than others and has started the pre-sales of its Liberty pioneer model flying car, and they are expected to be delivered by the end of 2018.

This is a limited edition where only 90 cars are sold worldwide. It includes some features such as dual controls, power heating and EFIS.

The interior of this little flying beast is handcrafted using the finest quality materials and the Italian design, and exclusive pioneer colours make the world’s first ever flying car a real beauty.

2. Aeromobil Flying Car

As the second flying car produced on the planet, it is true that these Aeromobil flying cars features a hella lot of exciting and features with an exotic design.

Aeromobil announced that the vehicle is available for pre-orders back in 2017 and the first deliveries for this Aeromobil flying car will be done by the mid of 2020.

This carries the features of both a supercar and an aeroplane where the car can transform into an aircraft with just less than 3 FREAKING MINUTES!

Though the maximum weight it can carry is 960 kg, the usable load is only about 240 kg. The top speed of this little birdie is 160 kph, and it can reach a speed of 100 Kph within 10 seconds. It uses 95 RON Gasoline to power it up, and the fuel capacity is 90 litres.

Furthermore, it features some safety options like the Airframe Parachute system, pyrotechnic load limiting seat belts and airbags.

There are only about 500 of these Aeromobil flying cars are available for commercial purchase, and it comes with a hot price tag of approximately $1.28-$1.6 million.

3. Terrafugia-X

Bringing the looks of a mini alien spaceship this Terrafugia-X flying car is brought to you with a new dimension of freedom.

This is designed by Volvo’s parent company Geely and expects to conquer the heavens by 2019.

The TF-X won’t need any airports for landing or takeoffs, and it can drive on all roads and highways just as other regular cars offering the convenience of door-to-door transportation for its users.

With a range of 500 miles and a cruise speed of 200 mph, it is capable of taking off or landing vertically from a level clearing of minimum 100 feet in diameter.

The engine fuel of this TF-X is unleaded automotive gasoline, and it will fit any single car garage or parking space.

Experts in the industry state that this will be arriving with a price label of around $252,000 and will probably be one of the best personal flying cars in the world.

4. Lilium Flying Car

This flying car is relatively a bit larger than the other cars we mentioned in the list, yet this is the world’s first ever and the only all-electric flying car.

Lilium flying car was tested in 2017 at Germany, and it was piloted remotely, and the operators have stated that their first human-crewed flight will be arranged within a few months.

This 2-seater flying car is motorised by 36 separate jet engines built on its 10-meter long wings via 12 movable flaps.

This all-electric Lilium jet consumes approximately about 90% less energy than other drone-style aircraft making it capable of attaining a range of 300 km with a maximum cruising speed of 300 km/h.

Over To You

With all these cool flying supercars about to dominate the blues within just five or six months, it isn’t false if I say that the world is evolving faster than we think.

So if you are a futurist waiting for the day for flying cars to be moving here and there in the sky, then I should mention that that day is not so far.

Today I brought you a list of flying vehicles that you can buy today and almost all of them are already available for pre-orders. Hope you enjoyed the post and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Best Futuristic Car Concepts of All Time

Best Futuristic Car Concepts of All Time

Though the 20th century wasn’t that a big success on building and inventing stuff with advanced technology, the 21st seems to have a handful of innovative and fresh ideas and concepts around corners especially when it comes to automotive industry.

Transforming the vehicles from fuel to electricity was the first volley of creative engineers, and since then, they are working with their asses on fire trying to make their concepts a reality and to push those ideas into the road within the near future.

So let’s take a look at the best futuristic car concepts of all time which our innovative modern creators have designed.

1. Mercedes-Benz F 015

The main reason to bring this Mercedes-Benz 015 car as the first on the list is that of the magnificent technology and the design featured in it. This is one from the few self-driving cars that are expecting to hit the market in the future and with its stunning interior which features four rotating lounge chairs, six display screens on the walls. The F 015 has an open-pore walnut wood floor which makes this a paradise for anyone who loves a nice ride.

Also, this has both manual and automatic driving modes, and its self-driving system uses ultrasonic sensors, radar, and paired cameras to navigate and drive, and the driver can take the over the control if needed.

2. Chevrolet FNR

Bringing the self-driving cars into a whole new level, Shanghai design studio of Chevrolet released the futuristic car concepts of this super awesome Chevrolet FNR which will indeed be one of the best self-driving supercars in the future.

What makes this even more interesting is the blended looks of a beast and the GOD level technology featured in it, and not to forget the dual swing-up dragonfly doors which increases the sexiness of this beast.

You don’t need a key to start this car because it runs a retinal scan to power up the electric engine which explains future technology in every sense of the word.

If you’re going to buy this, then completely forget that a steering wheel even existed because there is NO WHEEL in this, instead it has an entirely virtual dashboard with gesture controls which replaces the standard methods of steering.

3. EDAG light Cocoon

EDAG is a German automobile manufacturer, and the Light Cocoon is one of their futuristic car concepts and is pretty much cool and realistic than many concepts we come across every day.

The designers were focused on re-designing the car from inside out endowing it with a hella lot of super awesome features and the facade of a lightning bolt.

This car was revealed at the Geneva motor show 2015, and a 3D printer created the frame of this car and was assembled into a complex structure. Afterward a weatherproof, slightly translucent and a light fabric which is four times lighter than photocopy papers was stretched over the structure making the internal lights shine through it giving it a super awesome unique look!

4. Mercedes-Benz G-Cord

Realizing the fact that fossil fuel is running out too fast and electric engines way too old for the future, Mercedes unveiled some world-shattering futurist car concepts with the Mercedes-Benz G-Cord at the opening of their product engineering center in Beijing.

With its multi-voltaic paint coating, Mercedes-Benz G-Cord has not just the ability to absorbs and transform solar radiation into power, but also to collect electrostatic charge from the wind! I mean, do I need to explain to you just how freaking-much of energy a car can acquire from wind? Isn’t this what we call THE FUTURE??

5. Volkswagen sport coupe GTE

Previously we showed you some self-driving car concepts which use different technologies to improve the smart driving ability of the vehicle including the entirely virtual dashboard with gestures for steering.

But this one… This is far way beyond that old-for-future technology and features the coupe concept GTE where an armband or a smartwatch collect biometric data on your emotional or mental state and make use of it to change route information.

For instance, if you are angry or stressed, the system will recommend you not to hit the traffic and use back streets in its place.

So if you are still not ready for a self-driving experience, then this Volkswagen sport coupe GTE is the best compromise.

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