Best Futuristic Car Concepts of All Time

by | Dec 22, 2018 | Auto Pilot & The Future

Though the 20th century wasn’t that a big success on building and inventing stuff with advanced technology, the 21st seems to have a handful of innovative and fresh ideas and concepts around corners especially when it comes to automotive industry.

Transforming the vehicles from fuel to electricity was the first volley of creative engineers, and since then, they are working with their asses on fire trying to make their concepts a reality and to push those ideas into the road within the near future.

So let’s take a look at the best futuristic car concepts of all time which our innovative modern creators have designed.

1. Mercedes-Benz F 015

The main reason to bring this Mercedes-Benz 015 car as the first on the list is that of the magnificent technology and the design featured in it. This is one from the few self-driving cars that are expecting to hit the market in the future and with its stunning interior which features four rotating lounge chairs, six display screens on the walls. The F 015 has an open-pore walnut wood floor which makes this a paradise for anyone who loves a nice ride.

Also, this has both manual and automatic driving modes, and its self-driving system uses ultrasonic sensors, radar, and paired cameras to navigate and drive, and the driver can take the over the control if needed.

2. Chevrolet FNR

Bringing the self-driving cars into a whole new level, Shanghai design studio of Chevrolet released the futuristic car concepts of this super awesome Chevrolet FNR which will indeed be one of the best self-driving supercars in the future.

What makes this even more interesting is the blended looks of a beast and the GOD level technology featured in it, and not to forget the dual swing-up dragonfly doors which increases the sexiness of this beast.

You don’t need a key to start this car because it runs a retinal scan to power up the electric engine which explains future technology in every sense of the word.

If you’re going to buy this, then completely forget that a steering wheel even existed because there is NO WHEEL in this, instead it has an entirely virtual dashboard with gesture controls which replaces the standard methods of steering.

3. EDAG light Cocoon

EDAG is a German automobile manufacturer, and the Light Cocoon is one of their futuristic car concepts and is pretty much cool and realistic than many concepts we come across every day.

The designers were focused on re-designing the car from inside out endowing it with a hella lot of super awesome features and the facade of a lightning bolt.

This car was revealed at the Geneva motor show 2015, and a 3D printer created the frame of this car and was assembled into a complex structure. Afterward a weatherproof, slightly translucent and a light fabric which is four times lighter than photocopy papers was stretched over the structure making the internal lights shine through it giving it a super awesome unique look!

4. Mercedes-Benz G-Cord

Realizing the fact that fossil fuel is running out too fast and electric engines way too old for the future, Mercedes unveiled some world-shattering futurist car concepts with the Mercedes-Benz G-Cord at the opening of their product engineering center in Beijing.

With its multi-voltaic paint coating, Mercedes-Benz G-Cord has not just the ability to absorbs and transform solar radiation into power, but also to collect electrostatic charge from the wind! I mean, do I need to explain to you just how freaking-much of energy a car can acquire from wind? Isn’t this what we call THE FUTURE??

5. Volkswagen sport coupe GTE

Previously we showed you some self-driving car concepts which use different technologies to improve the smart driving ability of the vehicle including the entirely virtual dashboard with gestures for steering.

But this one… This is far way beyond that old-for-future technology and features the coupe concept GTE where an armband or a smartwatch collect biometric data on your emotional or mental state and make use of it to change route information.

For instance, if you are angry or stressed, the system will recommend you not to hit the traffic and use back streets in its place.

So if you are still not ready for a self-driving experience, then this Volkswagen sport coupe GTE is the best compromise.

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